By joining our consortium at Accurate Drug Services, Inc. not only will you receive the highest quality of service, but you will gain the following benefits:

Lowered Costs

Controlled Substances Testing Laboratories incur overhead costs (e.g. training, record keeping, reporting, and billing) which can mean a substantial cost to you. At ADS, Inc. our fees are all inclusive and because we have a high volume of business and large random pool we can offer our services at a competitive price.

Greater Expertise

The FMCSA and DOT regulations are not simple. At ADS, Inc. we keep up with the regulations, policies, and procedures in order for you to be able to operate successfully and be in compliance at all times. Due to the fact that we do not have to be overly concerned with equipment maintenance and scheduling, can devote our full attention to testing regulations and your testing program. Our expertise can save you time and help you in developing a policy that is best for your company.

Reduced Administrative Burden

The administrative burden of operating programs in compliance with the DOT regulations can be substantial. Procuring services, training employees and program personnel. In addition, maintaining chains of custody, collection equipment and facilities, maintaining random pool, selection, notification, record keeping and reporting can each be time consuming activities. At ADS, Inc., we assume responsibility for all of these services, lowering the burden and cost to you.

Strict Quality Assurance & Control

Our Staff of DOT certified and trained drug and alcohol specialists are here to provide your company complete testing and training programs and we build structured policies and programs to keep your company in compliance and in accordance with federal and state laws. We offer drug & alcohol testing on-site or in our office.

Completeness, Customer Satisfaction, & Compliance

We assist companies to meet the requirements of drug and alcohol testing of the FMCSA.